Dragon & Colonies is a Brand New Gacha RPG by Street Fighter’s Keiji Inafune and Level-5

By Glen Fox |


Keiji Inafune (Street Fighter, Mega Man) and Level-5 (Ni No Kuni, Yo-kai Watch) have collaborated on a brand new gacha RPG, Dragon & Colonies, which has just launched on iOS and Android exclusively in Japan.

You’ll build your own kingdom on a Hacolony, a digital cube that features six different sides that you can build various different buildings and facilities on.

Dragon & Colonies is Out Right Now on iOS and Android Exclusively in Japan

When not building, you’ll participate in battles against against enemy kingdoms, cooking, hero collection, and levelling up your heroes and kingdom itself.

We’re not sure when, or even if, Dragon & Colonies will make it over to the west, but you can bet that we’ll update you as soon as we learn of any announcements.


In the meantime, you can check out the Japanese version if you can bypass regional restrictions and can read Kanji. Heck, even if you can’t you can see how far you can get without it.

We’ve included download links at the top of the page for the Japanese App Store and Google Play pages, where you can head on over to to grab it right now.

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