Double Fine wants you to vote on their game ideas

By Dant Rambo |

Double Fine has never been coy about the existence of “Amnesia Fortnight,” the process by which many of their games are conceived. Actual details of how it all works, on the other hand, have been a little harder to come by. This year, that all changes: Double Fine is teaming up with Humble Bundle and 2 Player Productions to not only show us what Amnesia Fortnight is like, but to also let us participate in it. Gentlemen (and gentlewomen!), start your wallets.

For those unaware, Amnesia Fortnight is a yearly event where Double Fine employees split up into small groups and try to complete a game within two weeks. Every employee has the chance to pitch an idea, and the best ones are ultimately the ones that get made into prototypes. This year, us regular folks will be the ones to decide which will be developed. If you’d like to participate, the people at Humble Bundle have set up a dedicated page where you’ll be able to kick in money, view all the pitch videos, and vote on which ideas sing to you the most. And as an added bonus, pitching in money will also net you the prototypes that led to Costume Quest and Once Upon a Monster.

Once the voting is complete, Double Fine and 2 Player Productions will stream the development process of the winners, providing us all a rare glimpse into what game development is like. I assume it will be something along the lines of organized madness.

There are only 6 days and 10 hours left to vote at the time of this posting, so hop to it if you’re interested!

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