Don’t be left courtside – join the NBA: King of the Court beta!

Are you too short and uncoordinated to play in the NBA? Do your hoop dreams start and finish with a Netflix viewing of, well, Hoop Dreams? Fear not, closet b-ballers! Gamezebo and Ogmento want you to help get the ball rolling on Ogmento’s upcoming release NBA: King of the Court. The company has invited Gamezebo readers to be amongst the first to jump into the game’s beta and do a full court press. All you’ll need is an Android phone.

So just what is NBA: King of the Court? A mix of location-based gaming, augmented reality, and – by the sounds of it – a little old school b-ball. “The game allows players to play a virtual game of basketball in the real world, shooting baskets and unlocking power-ups on basketball “courts” found in specific locations all around a player’s location,” says a representative for developer Ogmento.

So what do you have to do to be amongst the beta’s starting line-up? It’s easy – just click here to fill out a survey to apply for beta access.

Don’t own an Android? NBA: King of the Court will be available for iOS devices as well when it launches this fall.

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