Do you have a great idea for an educational game?

Remember how terrible educational games tend to be? I certainly do, especially when I cry myself to sleep at night remembering how I tried to use Geometry Blaster to learn math during my sophomore year of high school. If you’ve ever been stuck in class, having your soul crushed by a piece of “edutainment” software, though, now’s your chance to make things better. For the kids.

On November 15th, the 2012 National STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Video Game Challenge kicked off. The competition is inviting people to submit concepts and designs through March 12, 2012. There are a total of four categories to submit to: Middle School, High School, Collegiate, and Educator. As well, new this year are two new sub-categories – Sesame Street and PBS Kids.

Based on the guidelines, it looks as though just about any topic is open, and there’s no submission restriction on school subjects nor game type. Last year’s competition was a pretty big event, receiving more than 600 entries from students, teachers, “collegiate developers” and professional game developers.

Think you have a great idea for an edutainment title? Click here to submit it!

[via Video Game Voters Network]

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