Disney Infinity pushed back to August

There’s no trying to hide our excitement for Disney Infinity here at Gamezebo. I mean, it’s a video game that gives you an excuse to buy mass amounts of Disney memorabilia. Chocolate, meet peanut butter. Unfortunately, that very excitement is what makes this news post such a bummer to write. In an attempt to release the game closer to the holiday season, Disney has pushed the game’s release date back to August.

The news comes from Disney Interactive co-president John Pleasants, who revealed all in a recent interview with The New York Times.

“We could deliver in June if we wanted to,” he said. “Will a two-month timing change help us? Sure, of course. It gives us a little more time to add bells and whistles and make sure it really sings and pops.”

In other words, although we’ll have to wait a bit longer to explore established Disney worlds and craft ones of our own, it looks like this delay is for the best. Infinity has a lot of potential, after all, and it wouldn’t bode well for Disney Interactive if it flopped.

But enough of all that doom and gloom. Disney Infinity is hitting US stores on August 18, and shipping worldwide on August 20. If you need something to fill your time until then, might we suggest this new Mickey Mouse short?

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