Disney Crossy Road Adds Jungle Book World

When Disney and Hipster Whale said they would add more content to Disney Crossy Road in the form of new worlds and characters, they apparently weren’t talking about some mythical date months down the road but pretty darn soon after release.

As evidence, please consider that a world based on The Jungle Book, which is currently still raking it in at the box office, is now live. Naturally, that means new characters too – or “figurines,” in the game’s parlance — including everything from common ones like Mowgli to rare ones like Kaa and Baloo and some epics and mystery characters as well. There are 25 in all, but 14 are secret.

The world itself is … actually, I don’t know what the world is like yet, as I haven’t personally unlocked any figurines from The Jungle Book. But assuming it shows the same attention to detail as the worlds that were in Disney Crossy Road at launch, it should be a lot of fun.

That’s not merely a personal opinion either, as Disney revealed that the game has been downloaded more than 10 million times since launch. If you want to check out the new additions or just dig the idea of being part of a really big and still growing number, hit up the App Store or Google Play and grab Disney Crossy Road for free.

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