DinerTown Detective Agency Blog, Part 3

This week I take a more personal look at some of my favorite things in our forthcoming game, DinerTown Detective Agency, the fun spoof on the traditional hidden object genre that is being released this week!

One of the really cool things about DinerTown Detective Agency is the Wall of fame – this is basically a virtual trophy case for players holding a collection of uniquely styled magazine covers for each solved case. When you’ve made your way through each individual case you’re amply rewarded with a trumpet herald, a "case solved" screen takeover and then taken to the wall of fame screen where your new case cover is proudly displayed!

Wall of Fame

It always spurs me on when I see my wall filling up each time I complete a case – there are a total of 25 covers to collect and it’s rewarding to check back throughout the game and see the cases you’ve solved to date especially since they involve some great comic art work.

Magazine covers

Another cool aspect of the game is the assembly search screens that you’ll see as you tackle each mystery – these will include a couple of screens from each location.

You’ll often have to search for broken down components of the utensils and tools that the suspects have manipulated rather than the whole object. This makes the game more challenging as those pieces may often take a second or third look before you recognize them for what they are – items include things like scissors, watering cans, coins, creatures and much more.

Like any real world detective, you’ll also need modern tools to help reveal hidden clues that can’t be detected by the naked eye which is where our crafty little forensic tool kit becomes useful. Even when you’ve uncovered most of the hidden objects in a particular scene, you’ll also need to use your dusting brush, magnifying glass or eyedropper to uncover crucial clues like fingerprints, spilt juice etc and reveal even more hidden items.

Forensic tools: Eyedropper (top); Fingerprint brush (middle); Magnifying glass (bottom)

With these great features adding more variety to the traditional hidden object game, I hope they  will make your  gaming experience much more enjoyable and remember you can play DinerTown Detective Agency this week so don your thinking cap and start solving those mysteries!

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