DinerTown Detective Agency Blog, Part 2

This week we revisit some of the interesting facets of PlayFirst’s forthcoming game, DinerTown Detective Agency, the fun spoof on the traditional Hidden Object genre that combines a virtual world of intrigue and mystery with a uniquely tongue-in-cheek spin.

Today, we take a look at Bernie the Bookworm – a DinerTown character that series fans will recognize from Diner Dash Hometown Hero and Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue.

Bernie in Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue (top) and in a disco outfit from Diner Dash Hometown Hero (below).

Bernie plays a lead role in DinerTown Detective Agency as he leads the charge to get to the bottom of a series of mysteries that plague the DinerTown community.

Players will see a new twist on his character in DinerTown Detective Agency. Formerly a dreamer who fantasized about being a real detective, Bernie now seizes the chance of a lifetime when he sees an ad on how to become a real detective.

However poor Bernie certainly needs your help as he struggles through the challenging mystery scenarios at the zoo, the gym, the school, the launderette and many other locales.

The relationship between Bernie and Flo is evident throughout the game in several scenes as they discuss probable scenarios, delve deep into each mystery with their detective tools and help players along the way with suggestions. Although Flo does act as more of a maternal influence than an investigative partner, this dynamic duo sticks together until the final case is solved.

Bernie’s character in DinerTown Detective Agency was brought to life through a joint effort between the creative team at PlayFirst and Absolutist, the Ukrainian partner developer on the title. The goal was to flesh out Bernie the bookworm’s character in a visual sense so more detail was added to this face and clothes, making him stand out more. With the use of vibrant colors and design and the unique comic styling prevalent in the game, Bernie came alive! Check out his character progression below!

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