Digital Chocolate launches VIP Games Network and Bar

Another day, another social games bar. Digital Chocolate has launched the VIP Games Network and Bar, a new cross-promotional tool for Facebook games.

Here’s how it works: Well, it works exactly like cross-promotional bars you may have seen on other Facebook games, such as Applifier and to a degree, Zynga’s Bar. The bar sites on top of the game on Facebook and participating game partners trade impressions with each other (for every ad served on game A for game B, game B serves an impression for game A) or buys installs.

But there are some twists. The VIP Network is targeted to the big guys: social game publishers and the top 20 games. At launch, the bar includes games from Digital Chocolate as well as Cie Games, ZipZapPlay, and Funzio. It also offers real-time analytics and A/B tests optimization, so it’s got a bit of Google Analytics in it as well.

At launch, the VIP bar reaches 65 million monthly average users (MAUs).

That’s not at big as the cross promotion between Zynga games (>250 million MAUs) and at the rate its growing, will soon not be as big as the traffic of CityVille alone. But, it’s not too shabby.

This is yet another example of social game companies looking for ways to leverage traffic and create virality on social games beyond the channels Facebook currently offers. It is also another example of Digital Chocolate continuing to analyze the best practices of other games companies and add similar products to its arsenal.

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