Design a suit of armor for Deep Realms, win $1,000

Playdom is kicking off a contest that invites talented artists to design a new suit of armor for the social role playing game Deep Realms. And not only will the winner’s submission be turned into an actual in-game item, but they’ll also win a cool $1,000.

Budding armor designers have the option of creating an entire suit of armor, which in the game consists of several parts like a helmet or chest plate, or they can simply submit a single part on its own. Playdom will then vote on the submissions and the winner will be featured in the game and win a cash prize.

The submission is on October 5, giving designers less than a month to create something special. Voting will begin the next day and last until October 12. Meanwhile, the winner will be announced on November 2.

Check out the official page for all the rules and details.

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