DeNA unveils new photorealistic shooter Lawless

DeNA is back with another high-octane free-to-play shooter for iOS devices called Lawless, and the law will be the last thing on your mind once you see this beauty of a mobile game in action! The game itself is being developed by EightPixelsSquare, who previously worked on Dead Space: Extraction for home consoles, and overseen by the guidance of Ben Cousins from DeNA’s Scattered Entertainment, who already brought us some delicious scares earlier this year with The Drowning.

Lawless will be set in 1990s Los Angeles, where players take control of a ruthless criminal and engage in a number on gritty cover-based shootouts as they complete mission that range from bank robberies to assassinations, and everything else in between. Cousins describes the upcoming game as “an intense, skillful game designed as an ode to classic ‘light gun’ shooters and filled with the retro Californian feel of ’90s bank robber movies.”

I can personally attest to this ‘light gun’ design, as the debut trailer for Lawless instantly gave me a strong Time Crisis vibe, not to mention a glimpse of the insanely cool “photorealistic” graphics that the game promises to provide. While there’s no firm release date for Lawless just quite yet, interested gamers can sign up to be notified on the game’s official website, where they can also receive an exclusive duel-wielding Glock 17 weapon for use in the game.

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