DeNA to Zynga, Facebook: My ARPU is bigger than yours

DeNA, the Japanese social games company you may not have heard of until their acquired ngmoco a month ago, released their quarterly earnings today and they were huge.

DeNA reported $336.4 million in revenues and an end-of-year revenue projection of $1.25 billion.

Just as significantly, DeNA claims its ARPU (average revenue per user) is 15X greater than Zynga and 30X greater than Facebook. For those in the know, ARPU is a key measurement of a company’s value.

DeNA has to release earnings since it’s a public company. But, by making the story of its press release about how it’s ARPU is larger than Zynga, the company is trying to frame the battle to be number one in social games as Zynga vs. DeNA. Not only that, it is trying to frame the battle as one where globally, DeNA is the 800 pound gorilla.

A key advantage DeNA has is Mobage Town, which in Japan can best be described as Facebook + Zynga in Japan. It sort of sounds like what Zynga may be building with Zynga Live in the US and what they may be trying to expand to in Japan. Of course, now DeNA has a beachhead in the US market with ngmoco so you can see how this could end up becoming a classic Coke vs. Pepsi like contest to become supreme leader globally in social games.

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