DeNA announces weekly new content episodes for Transformers: Legends

Alongside all of the buzz and hype over the upcoming Transformers 4: Age of Extinction movie that’s set for release next summer, DeNA has announced a fun new way to ensure you get your Transformers gaming fix in to make it through the fall. DeNA will be coming out with a series of weekly episodes and new content updates for their popular card battling game Transformers: Legends, that are set to make sparks fly for us all throughout the month of September.

The first episode, titled “One Shall Fall,” is set to launch today and will run until September 10, as it is being billed to be the very first episode to feature Transformers favorite Optimus Prime (as an Ultra Rare card). The storyline of One Shall Fall revolves around a Megatron-headed assault on Autobot City, as players will team up to take on Optimus Prime and the legion of Decepticons. Other classic Transformers said to appear in this first episode include Bumblebee, Shockwave, Jazz, and Starscream.

In addition to these story-centric updates, Transformers: Legends is also getting a much desired PvP episode this month as well, where players will be able to clash metal with one another in intense multiplayer battles. And while DeNA is still keeping pretty tight-lipped about what other surprises that September has in store for Transformers: Legends fans, they did reveal that another future episode this month will feature the “monstrous Dinobots.”


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