PAYDAY and GTFO Creators Unveil Den of Wolves, an Upcoming Heist FPS

10 Chambers returns with Den of Wolves, a co-op heist FPS. Wishlist on Steam now for a front-row seat to the chaos!

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Hey fellow gamers, brace yourselves for some epic news! The masterminds behind PAYDAY and GTFO, 10 Chambers, just dropped a bomb – they’re cooking up a new co-op heist FPS called Den of Wolves!

About The Game

Picture this: you’re diving headfirst into a techno-thriller universe, working as a criminal-for-hire in Midway City, the wild west of innovation zones. Forget about rules – it’s the wild, wild west, baby!

Den of Wolves promises crazy missions that’ll give you whiplash – one minute you’re a stealth mode ninja, the next you’re blowing things up like a boss. Planning and executing heists? Check. Industrial espionage? Double-check. Oh, and did I mention sabotage, theft, and assassinations are all fair game? You’ll have an arsenal of weapons, gadgets, and intel at your disposal – talk about a criminal’s paradise!

Midway Madness City

Midway City, the game’s stomping ground, is the hub of global trade, where brainy corporations are cooking up a data storage concept straight out of sci-fi. Think AI-proof brain-based tech – sounds wild, right? But it also means there’s a surge in “unauthorized errands” between rival companies. Guess who’s the go-to crew for those missions? Yep, you and your squad!

Coming Soon

Now, here’s the catch – the release date is still in the shadows. But fear not, you can wishlist Den of Wolves on Steam and get a front-row seat for the action. And it’s rated M for Mature, so expect a fair share of violence and other grown-up stuff. So gather your crew, mark your calendars (loosely, because, you know, no release date yet), and get ready to unleash chaos in the corporate underworld. Den of Wolves is coming, and it’s bringing a whole new level of co-op heist mayhem!

Obviously, we don’t want you to just sit and wait. Go experience 1980s Japan horror via Hollow Cocoon!

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