Defend Your Loot from Other Players in Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter has proven to be a successful hack-and-slash RPG franchise for Gameloft. With five games already tucked away into the franchise (which includes the 2011 Mac entry, Dungeon Hunter Alliance), it should surprise no one that the sixth entry to the series was recently announced to debut later this year.

Dungeon Hunter 5 may technically be the sixth entry in the franchise, but it doesn’t look like Gameloft is out of ideas on ways to keep the gameplay interesting and engaging.

In a Developer Diary video accompanying the announcement, Gameloft developers discuss some of the new features that are going into Dungeon Hunter 5. Beyond “vastly improved graphics” and a larger focus on “tighter environments”, Dungeon Hunter 5 is set to feature a new multiplayer mode that allows players to raid the dungeons that other players have setup. At the end of the player-created dungeon is the avatar that that particular player uses. If the avatar is defeated, the victor gets to steal loot directly from the player.

However, players will be able to place minions in their dungeons to defend them. Players interested in getting a head-start on defending their dungeons can visit the game’s official website and participate in the pre-release social media campaign that gradually unlocks perks for players. The final unlockable tier is a special minion that players can utilize in their dungeons.

Dungeon Hunter 5 is expected out later this year for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices.

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