Deal of the Day: $85 OUYA (+$25 game credit)

In 2013, the OUYA seemed to be the micro-console that the press just loved to hate. But you know what? We didn’t. In fact I still rock out with my OUYA on a regular basis. Despite all of the company’s initial bungling, this little powerhouse delivers exactly what it promised – a living room portal for amazing indie games, with loads to discover.

It’s also become the defacto multiplayer gaming device in our house. Whenever friends come over, we’re all too happy to break out Towerfall or Mrs. Dad vs. korv – and it’s even easier to do when you realize that the OUYA supports additional controllers from other devices (we use PS3 controllers, for example).

And with Toto Temple Deluxe coming soon, there’s really no better time to pick one up.


So what are the savings you’ll be netting through the latest Gamezebo deal? The OUYA normally runs for $99, so you’ll be saving $14 right off the bat. But we’re also throwing in a $25 game credit that you can use on the OUYA Discover Store – so that’s $39 in savings! And better yet, every game on the OUYA is free to try, so when you spend that game credit, you’ll have done so wisely.

If you’ve been thinking of picking one up, stop waiting. This thing has the Gamezebo Seal of Approval. I seriously love my OUYA. You will too. Click here to pick one up today.

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