Dargon Quest IV Launches in New Zealand – Not a Typo

By Jim Squires |

If you look in the mirror Square Enix, you’re going to find a little egg on your face.

As usually happens with the App Store, New Zealand gets Wednesday night’s big releases a few hours before the rest of the world. That’s how we knew Dragon Quest IV would be coming tonight.

It’s also, I’m afraid, how we know that someone at Square Enix might have made an oopsy when typing in the game’s title:


There’s no word on how easy it will be for Square Enix to get this changed, though considering they’ve been the laughing stock of the internet all morning and it’s yet to be fixed, I’m thinking not very.

In the meantime be sure to check it out for yourself on iTunes New Zealand, enjoy the hilarity that has become the hashtag #DargonQuestMyGame on Twitter, and get ready to download this bad boy when it hit Western shores later tonight.

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