Zynga steps further into mid-core space with acquisition of A Bit Lucky

A Bit Lucky, the developer behind Lucky Train and Lucky Space, has been acquired by Zynga. The team is currently at work on Solstice Arena, a multiplayer game set to release on several platforms, and they’ll continue development of the game once settled into their new offices at Zynga San Francisco.

Given A Bit Lucky’s pedigree in mid-core title development, the acquisition makes a lot of sense. It’s a space that Zynga has wanted to enter for quite some time, and scooping up someone steeped in it seems like an expedited way of doing so. And while it’s unclear as of now, it’s possible Lucky Train and Lucky Space – both of which disappeared from Facebook last week – may now be released under the Zynga umbrella. It seems like it would be a beneficial move for both companies, though it may upset those who were playing the games when they were originally removed.

A Bit Lucky consists of a little over 20 employees, all of which will be making the transition to Zynga. The team is home to several game industry veterans, including former employees of Trion Worlds and Xfire.

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