Zynga launches four new games, announces nine additional publishing partners

Zynga was hard at work last night, launching four new games on their Zynga.com platform and revealing publishing partnerships with nine new studios. The newly-launched games include Sava Transmedia’s Rubber Tacos, RocketPlay’s Sports Casino, Majesco’s Mini Putt Park, and 50 Cubes’ Fashion Designer. We’d heard about the partnerships with Majesco, 50 Cubes and Sava Transmedia during the Zynga Unleashed event back in June, but it wasn’t until this week that they announced a publishing deal with RocketPlay, formerly known as Gamingo.

The nine new publishing partners announced were Antic Entertainment, Big Bite Games, CrayonPixel, Eruptive Games, JamRT, Method Solutions, Playnery, RocketPlay, and Tik Games. Eruptive Games’ Citizen Grim just recently launched, as did RocketPlay’s Sports Casino, but no specific games were revealed for the seven other partners. Going by how similar announcements have been handled in the recent past, though, chances are we’ll be finding out soon.

In addition, we’ve finally learned more about the publishing partnership struck between Zynga and the Richard Garriot-owned studio Portalarium, which was unveiled back in June. Zynga will be publishing upcoming social gaming title Ultimate Collector, a game with shopping, collecting, and world building elements.

It’s a hybrid — a unique style of social gaming that appeals to all ages, both males and females. With extensive questing and role-playing elements, it is testing very popular with those newer to social gaming but looking for a deeper play experience, as well as those who consider themselves veteran gamers but have been waiting on the sidelines for a more immersive play experience,” said Garriot in a press release. 

The Zynga.com platform has come a long way since launch, and it’s clear the company doesn’t want all of their eggs to rest in the Facebook basket. If they manage to keep their partners happy with the relationship, and continue to bring on new ones in a timely fashion, there’s a good chance they’ll pull it off.

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