Dani Dudeck leaves MySpace, joins Zynga

By Jim Squires |

TechCrunch is reporting that Dani Dudeck, Vice President of Global Communications for MySpace, has resigned her post to accept a new position with the social gaming giant Zynga. Relying on an unnamed source, the article claims that Dudeck will become Zynga’s General Manager of Corporate Communications.

If the rumors prove true, TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington feels that Zynga would be a good place for Dudeck to hang her hat;

“She has adifficult to control CEOon her hands, just as she did withChris DeWolfeat MySpace, and laterOwen Van Natta. So she’s used to dealing with cults of personality. If anyone can clean up Zynga CEOMark Pincus’image, it’s Dudeck.”

This rumor comes only a week after two other MySpace execs announced their departure, and two days after two execs at Slingshot Labs resigned (the firm that handles MySpace’s R&D) did the same. Between last month’s relaunch of the MySpace gaming experience and the founders’ earlier acquisition of Mindjolt Games, many critics have sat on the sidelines waiting to see if a newly found focus on gaming could bring MySpace back into the limelight. With so many recent executive departures though, it’s starting to look like the writing’s on the wall.

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