Cyber Hunter is the next great battle royale game for mobile


This is the year of the battle royale game. And Cyber Hunter is looking like the most epic crack at the genre on mobile so far. Set on a 6x6km battlefield in a thrilling sci-fi universe, it might even have what it takes to win this round in the war of the battle royale games.

Developed by Chinese studio NetEase, Cyber Hunter sees you dropping into a huge open world environment and trying to become the last person standing. During rounds you can climb any surface, glide through the air, destroy structures, drive vehicles, and much more.

Some of these vehicles have multiple forms, like badass transformers. Hop into a Windrider and you can convert it into a plane. Commandeer a Cerberus and you can find yourself at the helm of a full blown mecha, much to the dismay of your enemies.

You can swim, too, meaning you have access to every conceivable angle of attack. You can drop on your opponents from the sky, lunge at them from the depths of the ocean, or just shoot them right in the face at ground level.

As you play you’ll collect Quantum Cube Energy, which you can use to enhance a specific skill in battle.

But there’s more. With the help of Quantum Droids you can use this Quantum Cube Energy to build structures, from a 12-meter watchtower to an entire defensive fortress for you and your teammates to shelter in. You can even make a spy drone.

There are five categories of weapon, including rifle, SMG, shotgun, sniper rifle, and throwables. There are special attacks, too, and you can experiment with different combinations of attack and weapon till you find the loadout that matches your style of play – whether you like storming in like a maniac or picking off your enemies from a distant hilltop.

You can upgrade weapons for particular purposes, such as enhancing a grenade launcher specifically for destroying buildings, but, interestingly, you can upgrade weapons to perform non-lethal functions. For example, you can upgrade a shotgun to heal teammates.

There’s also the option to customize your character including their eyes, face, makeup and hair. You can tweak your avatar even further by adjusting the colour of pupils, as well as the makeup of eyebrows, lips, and hairs. Then there’s a range of outfits, personalized moves, and weapon and vehicle paints.

The best news of all is that you can get involved in the Cyber Hunter open beta right now. Click here to check it out.

You can also visit the Cyber Hunter website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter feed, and Instagram page using these links!

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