Cut the Rope’s first update gets detailed

Hot on the heels of their announcement that Cut the Rope has now sold more than 3 million copies on the App Store, Chillingo has released some details and a teaser trailer for the game’s much anticipated first update.

Version 1.1 of Cut the Rope will introduce players to 25 levels set in the brand new ‘Cosmic Box.’ Offering up a spaceship theme, these new levels will include an anti-gravity feature that will flip the physics upside down.

In addition to the new levels, Chillingo is promising enhanced retina display graphics, improved scoring accuracy, more expressive Om Nom animations, new musical sounds, and 11 new achievements.

“Chillingo strives to exceed consumers expectations with our innovative games and Cut the Rope is no exception,” explains Chris Byatte, Co-General Manager of Chillingo. “We actively listen to audience feedback to deliver the best gaming experience possible whether it’s through updated content or modifying areas of concern to optimize the title.”

This update may not be the end of things for Cut the Rope this year. Efim Voinov, CTO of the game’s developer ZeptoLab, has confirmed that there may be an Om Nom shaped update hiding under your Christmas tree: “The 1.1 update is just the beginning; we hope to release an additional update just in time for the holidays and bring even more action-packed, Om Nom excitement to your fingertips!”

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