Cut the Rope gets stung with Buzz Box update

Chillingo and ZeptoLab have been rolling out updates for Cut the Rope pretty regularly. Just in time for your winter vacation, the companies have announced a massive new addition that includes tons of new levels and creatures who are fundamentally going to change the overall play experience.

The new update, “Buzz Box,” places Om Nom in a new box with 25 new levels. The box, it turns out, is filled with bees that never stop moving. Because these little guys are constantly buzzing about (sorry, I couldn’t resist), they’re always moving and stretching the ropes in these new levels. As a result, you’ll have to be even more careful about when and where you cut said ropes in order to get Om Nom his choice pieces of candy.

The latest update also includes a new drawing to collect and iCloud support (so your save game data carries across all iOS devices). You can download the update immediately, as it just launched in the App Store.

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