Cut the Rope 2 gets its first teaser trailer

ZeptoLab has released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming game Cut the Rope 2, and it turns out the highly-anticipated mobile sequel now has an official subtitle. Newly christened Cut the Rope 2: Om Nom’s Unexpected Adventure, it looks like our little green alien pal may have gone missing somewhere along the way!

The brief 20-second video showcases Om Nom sailing through an open blue sky while attached to his titular rope, as dozens of those delicious-looking candies float on by. The video ends with the hashtag “OmNomIsMissing,” which seems to be our only real tangible clue thus far as to where ZeptoLab plans on taking us for this go around.

And while we’ve still yet to see anything regarding the actual gameplay of Cut the Rope 2 at this point, at least we should be finding out soon, as the game’s release is still scheduled for some time “this holiday season.”

So does anyone have any ideas as to why Om Nom might be missing, or just where the heck he’s gone off to for that matter? He does have a big sequel coming up after all, that slacker. Help us figure this one out in the replies!

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