CryptantCrab is offering $100* worth of fighting crab in a Bounty event and also launching a Pre-Sale on October 25th

By Marc Hewitt |

Inspired by the popular Southeast Asian phenomenon of fish fighting, CryptantCrab is a blockchain game that lets you rear your own unique virtual crab and thrust it into the arena with other players for some thrilling claw-to-claw combat.

Just as each fighting fish in real life has its own unique markings, colors, and physical characteristics, each crab in CryptantCrab is a totally unique entity, with its own genome-like Crab Heart.

And because this is a blockchain game, built on the Ethereum blockchain, your virtual crab is just as real as something you can hold in your hand.

Each crab sports its own element, whether Water, Metal, Earth, Spirit, or Fire, and you can mutate its various parts to create the fighting crab of your dreams. There are a million different possible combinations, so your own personal crab is truly one of a kind.

The gameplay itself involves PvP matches against other crabs, with all multiplayer aspects of the game tied to the blockchain. This is to ensure your crab can never be meddled with – even by the developers.

Winning matches earns you Cryptant, the game’s currency. With it, you can mutate your crab parts, with each mutation increasing its XP, as well as the odds of obtaining a new Legendary part. You can also simply buy Cryptant in-game too, of course.

Your crab grows as you play, banking all of its battle experience, mutations, and parts on the blockchain. As the strength of your crab increases, so too does its value, giving you the potential to turn your hours of devotion into real investment.

Don’t believe us? Well, a Crypto Kitty, also Ethereum backed, sold recently for $170,000. And crabs are much cooler than kittens.

CryptantCrab isn’t out yet, but you can get involved right now through the Bounty event, which rewards participants with a free CryptantCrab worth 0.5 ETH* or $100 in folding money.

Once the Bounty event is over, you’ll be able to participate in the upcoming pre-sale. This campaign, which takes place on October 25 (12am, +0 UTC), gives you a higher chance of obtaining Legendary CryptantCrabs, exclusive legendary CryptantCrab variants that are unique to this event, and Pioneer status, which will be visible to other players.

Do yourself a favour and head to the game’s site here to get in on the ground floor.

*CryptantCrab value is based on pre-sale release and market forces

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