Crowdpark launches two new games with a gambling twist

I bet you a soda you don’t read this entire post from start to finish, and with the new AnteUp game from Crowdpark I could make that bet a reality. The social gaming company with a penchant for wagers has announced two new casino-themed games that have just released, Pet Vegas and the previously mentioned AnteUp.

Pet Vegas is straightforward enough, as it takes slot machines and adds adorable animals to the mix. Think it’s hard to stop feeding coins and pulling the one-armed bandit now? Just wait until adorable kittens with huge eyes are thrown into the mix, then it’s impossible. Crowdpark is also promising that the game will have a social aspect, which we assume involves sharing on your Facebook wall how much money you’ve won and encouraging friends to play in exchange for more virtual coins.

AnteUp takes the inherent need to gamble and turns it loose, allowing players to bet on anything and everything with their friends. Want to bet your Miami Heat-loving buddy that Lebron chokes in the playoffs again? Name your wager, lay down the challenge and have at it. Want to bet a bunch of readers a sugary drink that they can’t resist the urge to skim rather than read word-for-word? That’s fair game too.


The desire to gamble is a deep-seated human impulse, and Crowdpark promises that all their games offer legal methods to scratch that itch. This is the part where we remind you to play responsibly and by no means should you ever spend more money than you can afford trying to get three precocious baby chicks to line up in a virtual slot machine. Have fun, but don’t overdo it.

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