Cross-platform gaming becomes a reality with Namco’s UniteSDK

Earlier this week Namco Networks unveiled UniteSDK, a new game engine that will allow games to interact with each other across multiple platforms. Not only will this allow Namco to develop their own social gaming community, but it will allow cross-platform multiplayer – a first for the house of Pac-Man.

Unite SDK will allow someone playing a game on their PC to compete with a friend playing on their iPhone, for example. The first game to use this technology, Pool Pro Online 3, launched earlier today. Oliver Chiang of Forbes was given a demonstration of the cross-platform gaming at GDC this week, and described the experience as “a smooth-looking game played between an iPhone user and a laptop user.”

Micro-transactions will also be a part of UniteSDK’s offering, with Pool Pro Online 3 allowing players to purchase new sticks and rooms.

In terms of more traditional social aspects, UniteSDK will allow for user chat across different games, view leaderboards, and earn in-game achievements that can be shared via Facebook Connect. They will also be releasing a web portal for UniteSDK users where players can create profiles and exchange messages.

“Namco Networks is on the verge of building a community,” says Kirby Fong, executive producer for Namco Network’s web and online game community. “We have to be wherever the games are being played.”

Expect to see UniteSDK versions of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man later this month.

[via Forbes]

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