Crashlands Devs to Share Their Story in New Documentary

Have you played Crashlands yet? You should definitely be playing Crashlands. The open-world procedurally-generated survival game is pretty freaking great, and the developers – Butterscotch Shenanigans – worked really hard on it. In fact, they want to share the story of Crashlands’ development with the rest of the world, which is why they’ve just announced “Brace for Impact: The Crashlands Story.”

Brace for Impact is a documentary adapted from a season of Forever an Astronaut’s Dev Diary webseries, that was expanded to a feature length project in September, 2015. It will detail the exploits of the three Coster brothers, their most recent release, and how the two-year project has helped Sam Coster in his battle with cancer.

As of right now Brace for Impact is pretty much done filming, though editing may take a little while yet. A release date hasn’t been fixed yet, but Brace for Impact should be out later this year.

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