Countdown to the Zeebys: Yin Yang

By Erin Bell |

Yin Yang is in the running for Best Web Game of 2007 at the upcoming Zeeby Awards. We chatted with Mat Annal, Managing Director of Nitrome, about what makes Yin Yang special and why it deserves to get your vote.

Can you give us insights or fun facts about the development of this game?

I think we went mildly insane on this one trying to make the levels. It’s hard to get your head around solving the levels puzzles and you have exactly the same problems getting your head around it when you are making them. We spent hours making some levels only for someone else to try it and them find a really easy way of solving the problem that you hadn’t considered and you have to go back to it and find some way to stop them.

What makes Yin Yang so special, and why should people vote for it?

There are some great entries that we are up against but I think what makes Yin Yang special is that it offers something players have never seen in a game before. It’s like a playable optical illusion and I think that makes for some very unique puzzles that players wouldn’t have came across before so I hope that’s what will get their vote.

Besides your own game of course, what other games impressed you in 2007?

I think the game I saw that impressed me most was a little flash puzzle game called Bloxorz. It offered a completely different take on a puzzle game and they don’t come along that often.

If you win a Zeeby, how do you plan to celebrate (aside for going to Disneyworld, of course)?

If we win a Zeeby it would be our first award and we would be thrilled to receive it. I’m not sure what we would do… maybe a party with a black an white theme to it.

Any final words for your fans?

It’s the fans’ feedback that makes making games all the sweeter. There really is nothing better than having feedback from someone that your game really connected with. So I would just like to say a big thank you to them all.

Voting for the Zeebys runs from now until July 5. Click here to vote for you favorite casual games of 2007.

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