Copperfields Is The Hollow Knight Like Platformer Except You’re A Plant On Wheels!

Copperfields is the upcoming 2D platformer where you are a sentient plant on a wheel! Uncover the story to this post-apocalyptic world…

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In a game that brings the platform elements of Hollow Knight, to the dystopian plant robotics of Wall-E. Copperfields is an upcoming indie game that you can already add to your wishlist on Steam! This project will hopefully make its full announcement at Steam Next Fest! The developer of the game has requested participation, best of luck! For now, however, we get teaser trailers of what the game entails.

A Plant And A Robot

You are a potted plant that controls the remanets of a robot, rolling upon a single wheel for motion. Immerse yourself within the pleasantly designed 2D world where you search for water and a new place to call home. Along your dedicated journey, you will find clues to the once bustling life shared by robotics and human civilization, which has since come to an end. Be careful though, this post-apocalyptic world isn’t as quiet as it seems. Hostilities lay dormant, waiting…

In a fascinating tale paired with stunning sound design and lulling music. This stunning 2D puzzle platformer looks really promising! Though the trailer doesn’t tease much more than some of the level movements and sounds, it is enough to inspire today’s news. I have always been a fan of games rich with lore, where there are elements of soothing yet unsettling undertones to drive the plot.

We don’t know exactly when this game will launch, but we do know that there will be an upcoming demo release for the game! So there’s around roughly 30 minutes of gameplay for you to sample, and see for yourself how brilliantly designed this game is.

Wheel Your Way Over

So for now you can keep up with Copperfields through Steam, where the demo launch will be available once it’s ready. There’s also a little section nestled away on Reddit if you’d like to share your thoughts with the developer!

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