CONTEST: Win a copy of If My Heart Had Wings!

By Jim Squires |

Visual novels have made a big splash on Western shores in recent years, but like all good things in gaming, the genre has deep roots in Japan. And in Japan, KonoSora was a big hit for developer Pulltop. Now the game is getting the English-language treatment courtesy of MoeNovel under the name If My Heart Had Wings – and we have five copies to give away to the Gamezebo audience!

But it’s not just copies of the game.  Five winners will be selected to receive a boxed copy of the game and a mini art book.  If you’ve seen some of the screens that we teased in our preview earlier this week, you’ll no doubt be chomping at the bit to get one.

While the game itself won’t be available until June 28, you can play the demo today.  And it’s a good thing too, because you’ll need to play that demo if you want to win.  For your chance at the prize, download the demo from the game’s official site and get ready to answer the following trivia question;

Q: Who does Aoi refer to as ‘Miss Allule’?

Once you know the answer, send an email to [email protected] that contains your name, shipping address, and the answer to our trivia question.  Five correct winners will be selected after the contest closes on June 13th. 


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