Consumer Reports says new iPad runs hot, doesn’t charge while gaming

We all know that the new iPad is a hot item, but few likely expected that it would be hot like this. After reports of the device becoming hotter than other Apple devices while in use, Consumer Reports opted to do a study to find out just how hot these things will get.

The results of their tests have revealed that while running a game, the back of the device can reach temperatures of 116 degrees Fahrenheit, though this was only while the device was plugged in. When unplugged, their thermal cameras only registered a temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

The test was run in a room with a temperature of 72 degrees while running Infinity Blade II uninterrupted for 45 minutes and propped on the iPad Smart Cover. The 4G connection was not turned on, though Wi-Fi was.

When compared with the iPad 2, these tests resulted in a difference of 12 and 13 degrees higher than the older model, respectively. These areas of higher temperature were unevenly distributed, with the highest area being near the corner of the display. According to the tester, “when it was at its hottest, it felt very warm but not especially uncomfortable if held for a brief period.”

Though this alone may not concern some people, a more troublesome issue was brought to light during the tests.

While iPad gamers may be used to being charged for various currency, add-ons, and so forth while playing their chosen software, the idea of something not being charged may sound like a relief, but not when it’s the battery. But according to the tests conducted, though the temperature of the device would increase slightly while plugged in, the device would not charge during gameplay. In fact, it continued to drain, though it would charge normally when not running a game.

Consumer Reports has gone on to post an FAQ based on the results of their test.

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