Combat gets colorful in Ankama’s upcoming Tactile Wars

War is hell? Sure – but it can also be downright adorable. A teaser trailer for Ankama’s upcoming Tactile Wars hit the web over the weekend, and while they’re don’t seem to be a ton of details quite yet, what’s been teased has us eager to learn more.

“In Tactile Wars, you are… THE HAND, the supreme commander of an army of pigments,” reads the game’s official press release. “Take control of your troops via innovative and intuitive touch gameplay and dynamic gestures to create your squad formation.”

So it’s… Advance Wars meets Paint-by-Numbers? Risk and the Magic Marker? We have no idea, but we’re damned curious to find out. And since Ankama is the team responsible for DOFUS, a fairly respectable strategy RPG series in France, it seems safe to assume they have that side of the equation mastered.

Still, with so little info on the gameplay, we’re left scratching our heads on this one a bit – and it looks like we might have to for a while longer for answers. Tactile Wars currently has a very broad release window of “later this year” for mobile devices. 

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