Color-mixing Meets Match-3 in Colorbars

By Jim Squires |

If you think that all match-3 games are the same, you’re just not digging deep enough. Take Colorbars for instance. Recently released on iOS, Colorbars is as much about knowing the rainbow as it is about matching three of anything.

Presented with a series of horizontal lines, players can drag around each colorbar to try and make combinations to clear them from the board. Yes, you can do this by matching three — but you can also do it by getting a “run” of colors that bleed into each other. For example: blue and red, make purple, right? So if you have a run of blue, purple, then red, you can clear it from the screen.

Add an orange and a yellow to the end of it for a run of five, and then a green for a full six. Get the picture?

Adding to the challenge is a timer that you can’t see (but you’ll notice all the same, as the bars get shorter the longer you play), and different objectives for you to complete.

We spent some time fiddling with Colorbars last night, and could easily see this growing into the next addiction around the Gamezebo offices.

Colorbars is available on iTunes for $0.99.

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