Cobra Mobile says people spend more time with games on the iPad

With the iPad launch now three weeks in the past, many developers have had the chance to settle in and evaluate the impact that the device has had on their products. In an interview published today by, Cobra Mobile’s Mark Ettle discussed the company’s early success on the iPad, and how their research is showing that iPad gamers play for longer periods of time than their iPhone and iPod Touch counterparts.

“Our research shows that with an iPad, people are playing and interacting with games and apps for longer periods of time than they do on an iPod touch. This means the audience is prepared to play with your game for longer, which is only a good thing.”

Ettle also discusses his satisfaction with Cobra Mobile’s early iPad game sales, the challenge of developing the same titles for both the iPad and iPhone, and how in love he is with the company’s own Low Grav Racer 2 HD. Check out the complete interview at

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