Club Shockwave online gaming service launches

By Erin Bell |

Shockwave launched Club Shockwave today, a new subscription-based online gaming service that will offer members access to hundreds of exclusive skill games and puzzles, and the chance to win cash prizes and accumulate rewards for time spent online.

The service launches with 12 exclusive skill games, and more than 400 online games including puzzle, word, board and strategy games. According to Shockwave, progression, replayability and accomplishments will be integral to the Club Shockwave experience and are built into each game.

"There has been explosive growth in online casual gaming in the past couple of years and people want to connect and be rewarded for the time they spend playing games," said Dave Williams, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Nickelodeon Kids and Family Games Group. "Club Shockwave provides extremely high production value games as well as real-world and virtual prizes, and allows users to share their experiences with friends, family and other casual game enthusiasts."

Players can earn hundreds of different collectible virtual trophies that are stored in a personal trophy case. As well, gamers have the chance to win daily cash prizes of up to $4,999, and an annual jackpot of $25,000.

Community features include personal member profiles; talking, animated avatars; chat features, friends lists, and high score rankings.

Club Shockwave compliments the Shockwave Unlimited service, which focuses on offering members access to premium downloadable games. All Shockwave Unlimited members will automatically have access to all Club Shockwave games of skill and features.

Club Shockwave is available today starting for $29.95 per year, which amounts to less than $2.50 per month. You can try it for 30 days for free. Click here to learn more about Club Shockwave.

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