Cloudforest Expedition release pushed from summer to fall

The excitement for Cloudforest Expedition, the debut game from John Romero’s new social games studio Loot Drop, has been steadily increasing as the game approaches its intended summer release. Just this week we saw the very first screenshot of the game in action. But now the developer has announced that the game’s release will be pushed back to sometime this fall, in order to give the team more time to craft the best possible experience.

“We initially expected to launch the game during the Summer, and we’re now actually planning on a Fall launch,” reads a statement on the game’s Facebook page. “Cloudforest Expedition is unlike any other game on Facebook, with a huge map, a deep storyline, and more stunning art than you’ve seen before, and we decided to take a little bit more time to give it all the attention it deserves. We’re so excited to deliver the most incredible, high-quality game possible to our loyal fans, and we appreciate your patience while we put on the finishing touches.

“More details later this month – we promise!”


This will be Romero’s first game since the release of the well received Ravenwood Fair, also on Facebook, but the first from Loot Drop. The game is being published by Zoo World 2 developer RockYou.

Don’t forget: if you want a chance to see the game in action before its release head on over to the Facebook page and “Like” it. Once the page receives 5,000 likes we’ll all be able to check out an exclusive debut trailer.

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