Cloning Clyde coming to PC on March 15

By Erin Bell |

Last week we shared with you a trailer of NinjaBee’s quirky platformer Cloning Clyde in anticipation of the 2006 Xbox Live Arcade hit’s upcoming release on PC. This week the developer confirmed Cloning Clyde‘s PC release date: the game will make its PC debut on Tuesday, March 15 on Steam, and will cost $4.99 USD (£3.99 / €4.99).

The new version of Cloning Clyde has been updated for Steam with new Steam Achievements and Stats. Twelve new achievements have been added to the game’s original 13, for a total of 25 achievements that Steam users can unlock in-game.

A side-scrolling platformer, Cloning Clyde stars an unfortunate hero with multiplying problems. Clyde is the victim of a cloningexperiment gone wrong who awakes to find himself trapped in a fortress-like cloning facility.

Players control Clyde and his clone brothers, switching between bodies to solve puzzles and find their way to safety. Though, occasionally players must cross-clone Clyde with monkeys, frogs, barrels of TNT, etc. to overcome obstacles – all while fighting past exploding mutant chickens and security robots.

Cloning Clyde was first released as an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive title in July of 2006 and quickly became a fan favorite among XBLA gamers. The game’s popularity led to its induction to XBLA’s “Arcade Hits” collection last year.

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