Clash of Clans: Now on Android (in Canada and Finland)

It seems like only a few weeks since we were musing on the inevitability of Clash of Clans making the jump to Android, and now the inevitable has come to pass. Android gamers, get ready for the genuine article: Supercell’s Clash of Clans is now available to download from Google Play.

If you’ve just clicked that link and decided to call me a liar, I won’t blame you. While the game is officially on Android now, it’s only available in Canada and Finland. Don’t panic though – this is the same sort of soft launch we see all the time in mobile games. “The global release of Clash of Clans on Android will come as soon as we are confident that the Android version is of the highest quality,” said a moderator on the Supercell forums. “We hope that will be very soon!”


In the meantime, sit tight Android users. There are still plenty of clones out there to cut your teeth on, and you’ll want all the practice you can before the worldwide launch. iOS gamers have had a year to get ready, and they’re just itchin’ to raid the competition.

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