Cinemate Lets You Swipe Right to Create the Perfect Movie Watchlist

By Glenn Wilson |

When it comes to finding stuff to watch, there’s simply too much choice these days. 

What was once a quick visit to your local Blockbuster is now an endless, futile quest to find a movie among the thousands and thousands of available options across numerous streaming services and TV channels.

Add in another person and the problem is amplified to mind-boggling proportions. Not only are you both overwhelmed by choice, but you’ve got the added pressure of trying to find common ground among all the content on offer. 

Admit it: many an evening has begun with the cosy intention of watching a movie with your partner, and ended with both of you staring at your phones, utterly defeated. 

Cinemate is here to help you. Developed by Daniel Godber and James Wolfe, this ingenious app aims to take all the stress out of choosing a movie by letting you and your friends create curated, laser-focused lists of your favorite films and share them in a variety of different ways. You can even generate QR codes. 

It works like Tinder, but for films. An endless succession of films appears on your screen, and you can choose to either swipe right or swipe left. If you swipe left, that film vanishes from your life. If you swipe right, however, it goes onto your watch list. 

Then, whenever you’re at a loss for something to watch you can boot up Cinemate and review your watchlist to see if anything jumps out at you. Better still, you can compare your watchlist with other Cinemate users’, allowing you to identify with laser precision any movies that you have in common. 

Each of these films has a user rating, too, as well as a handy little description to help you make your choices. And once you’ve got a respectable watchlist up and running, you can share it by letting another user scan your QR code. 

Cinemate is available for free right now on the App Store.

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