Christmas comes to FarmVille with Mistletoe Lane

Christmas is coming. All the signs are there: The weather is colder, holiday decorations have sprung up in malls like twinkly weeds, coffee shops are pouring gingerbred-flavored everything down our throats, and, perhaps most telling, our favorite digital worlds are getting their annual dusting of snow. One example is Zynga’s FarmVille, which will be opening “Mistletoe Lane” later this month.

Mistletoe Lane is FarmVille‘s seventh expansion, and it comes on the heels of its “Haunted Hollow” Halloween extravaganza. The three witch sisters from Haunted Hallow, Lillian, Belinda, and Rose, will be re-appearing to assist their brother, Nick, as he runs for Mayor of Mistletoe Lane (the Sisters have the right idea: in this economy, even seasonal work can be a godsend).

Your job is to help Nick decorate the town, but more than that, you need to restore the town’s shuttered toy factory in order to save Christmas. The more you decorate, the more special ornaments and animals you’ll receive. You can unlock a holly-covered horse, a seal wrapped in silver bells, and a basket of kittens. Kittens are festive year-round. Do not argue this fact.


If you want to barge into Mistletoe Lane before all your friends (preferably while wheeling your arms and screaming “ME FIRST! ME FIRST!”), you can buy the expansion for 35 FarmCash now (provided you’re at level 15 or above.) Regular level 15+ players with the patience and serenity of Saints can access Mistletoe Lane for free starting November 19.    

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