Character pack DLC announced for Runner2

By Joe Jasko |

Gaijin Games has announced a new DLC character pack called “Good Friends” for its latest rhythm-based platforming game in the BIT.TRIP universe, Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. The DLC will introduce 7 well-known video game character icons into the wacky and wild world of Runner2 this week.

Alongside the official press release, Gaijin Games has already revealed two of these new characters that can be found in the Good Friends pack: Razputin from the extremely underrated platforming gem Psychonauts, and Quote from Cave Story. Each of the characters is being unveiled through an incredibly artsy introduction trailer narrated by Charles Martinet, like this one right here for Raz:

Gaijin Games will be revealing the rest of the new characters in the Good Friends pack later on today and tomorrow, before the DLC is released onto Steam this Thursday. A later DLC release of Good Friends for console versions of the game is also currently in the works.

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