Catopia Rush is an Epic-Looking Casual RPG for mobile, Join the Closed Beta Now

By Glenn Wilson |

Catopia: Rush, from California startup Supercolony , is a super-promising casual action-RPG featuring cats. So very many cats.

In that respect it’s a lot like the awesome Cat Quest, but Supercolony has ensured that its own take on feline role-playing is tailor made for mobile, with a number of casual, touchscreen-friendly features. 

The game plops you down in a fantasy world filled with appalling monsters and randomly generated dungeons. Your aim, of course, is to explore the dungeons and kill the monsters, while defending your kingdom against the Dark Lord. 

That means leading a raid party consisting of you and several other badass cats, each with its own specialized role, skillset, and personality.

Catopia: Rush is a portrait game that you can control with one hand. To move, you just drag your thumb or finger around on the screen to steer with the floating joystick. Whenever you stop moving, you shoot, and your team’s abilities automatically activate. 

It’s a simple interface, but the gameplay has hidden strategic depths, not least in your choice of party members to take into battle. You’ve got a huge range of offensive units at your disposal, including sharpshooting rogues, plucky casters, and mechs.  

There’s a huge assortment of feline characters to collect, too, some of whom you can witness in action in the trailer above. As you can see, Catopia: Rush is a gorgeous action-RPG, with slick animation and clean, cartoony, personality-filled visuals.

It’s a top prospect, and you’ve got a golden opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Supercolony is currently accepting applications for the Android-exclusive Catopia: Rush closed beta, which begins on November the 18th. 

To sign up, head to the official Catopia: Rush website and enter your details right now.

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