CastleVille now live on Facebook

CastleVille is Zynga’s biggest release in some time, and the first new “Ville” game since CityVille. It’s also now live on Facebook.

The first release from Zynga’s new Dallas studio, CastleVille is set in a medievil fantasy world where your goal is to build up a thriving kingdom. It features open-ended exploration and story, enhanced social features, and some of the best production values around, inculding lively visuals and a fully orchestrated soundtrack. Check out our first-look at the game here.

“With CastleVille, we set out to develop a fun and social experience that delivers and improves upon all the innovative social and emotional elements our players love,” Zynga Dallas creative director Bill Jackson said.

“We also wanted to bring a higher level of production quality to the ‘Ville’ franchise — from the stunning scenery and magnificent castles, to the playful characters, beautiful music and deep narrative. We poured our passion for ‘play’ and ‘social’ into every detail.”

You can play the game here. And stay tuned for Gamezebo’s full review very soon.

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