CastleVille Legends is Coming, and It’s Headed Straight for Your Phone and Tablet

How you can take an entire castle and put it in your pocket? If you’re a social gamer, Zynga is about to make that easier than you might think. The studio has just announce CastleVille Legends, a spin-off to one of their most popular web-based properties, CastleVille, and it’s headed directly to your mobile phone.

Like other mobile versions of existing franchises, Zynga is pitching this as a “new experience.” The downside is that it probably won’t interact with your existing CastleVille game, but the upside is that you’ll have plenty of new gameplay and content to enjoy. Even the story is unique this time around, as you’ll try to rescue the heroes from the original CastleVille while building your kingdom from the ground up.

If you live in select regions (of which Canada is one), you can jump in on the mobile fun right now. For the rest of the world (ie, everybody else), Zynga are promising to have this in your App Store “soon.” 


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