Cartoony Auto-Battler Arena Allstars Has Landed on Mobile

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Of all the prefixes, auto is probably our favorite. After all, it’s the opposite of manual, and manual stuff tends to be hard work.

Arena Allstars is an auto-battler, though the term is a bit misleading. Its battles play out automatically, but between battles you need to work frantically to get your metaphorical ducks in a row. That’s the ingenious innovation of the auto-battler genre. 

Developed by Match Set Games, Arena Allstars sees you competing against up to seven opponents in a series of short, sharp battles. 

Your little heroes do the fighting for you, so it’s your job to build your team, choose which heroes to send into battle, merge heroes to level them up, take advantage of Synergies, expand your team by spending XP, and more.

And you have to get all of this done under severe time pressure as the clock ticks down and your opponent waits to lay into you.

You can play solo, against seven random opponents, or you can join up with a friend for a spot of team co-op. There’s a practice mode, too, so you can learn your craft before stepping into the arena with evil human beings.

Smartphone warfare

Arena Allstars is tailor made for mobile, with portrait orientation, a slick touchscreen interface, nice clear graphics, and – crucially – short and fast-paced rounds for sessions on the fly. 

However, if you like to go deeper there are monthly tournaments in which you play for loot and those all-important bragging rights, collecting trophies and gold along the way. 

There’s a huge cast of heroes in the game, belonging to a variety of classes and races, and boasting a diverse array of abilities. That means there are billions of potential permutations to unleash on the battlefield, ensuring that no two games need ever be the same. 

You even get your own adorable pets, which wander around on the battlefield expressing emotions and, miraculously, not dying.

Download Arena Allstars for free right now on Google Play and the App Store

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