Card Hunter, the ultimate faux-tabletop experience, is coming to tablets

Blue Manchu’s Card Hunter, the browser-based, RPG-meets-CCG-meets-tabletop game with a sense of humor and a Richard Garfield pedigree, is really good. So good, in fact, that I sometimes wish I could take it with me when I’m not by my laptop.

DropForge Games must have read my mind. The relatively new Seattle studio funded by (yes, the World of Tanks folks) is helping Blue Manchu by developing and publishing a mobile version of Card Hunter made with tablets in mind.

“The number one request from the Card Hunter community has been ‘when will this be on my tablet?'” Blue Manchu founder and CEO Jon Chey said in a press release announcing the deal. “The game’s design screams out for a tablet experience.”


Indeed it does, as the turn-based, tactical battles feel like they’d transfer to touchscreens without too much trouble. It’s also already built on a free-to-play model, enhanced with a sensible option to pay for more content.

Nevertheless, DropForge VP of Studio Joe McDonagh recently told Polygon that players won’t find a straight port when they play the game on mobile, and that the former Production Director at PopCap Games is calling in some familiar faces to help.

“I have assembled a team of ex-PopCap people here in Seattle to build it, so I hope we can add some PopCap polish to the game,” McDonagh said. “We’re also going to create some new adventures in addition to those in the PC game.”

Yours truly gave the Card Hunter desktop release five stars when I reviewed it last September, something I’ve done only twice in two-plus years on the Gamezebo staff. That means when I say you should keep an eye out for news on this one, you really want to do that, either at the DropForge site or by following Blue Manchu on Twitter.

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