Card Hunter gets its first expansion, Attack of the Artifacts, later this month

You may think you’ve conquered everything Card Hunter could throw at you, but the truth is that you’ve only bested all the challenges Blue Manchu’s RPG-meets-CCG-meets-tabletop game has offered up so far. An expansion called Attack of the Artifacts is on the way before the end of April, bringing with it new monsters from beneath the Black Plume Mountain to put even the savviest players to the test.

Creatures like Thought Munchers, Umber Bulks, Plant Pygmies and the awesome-sounding Sharkbear are waiting in Attack of the Artifacts’ new adventures. Naturally, there are also new cards and weapons to aid your cause, adding to the strategic options the game already has in abundance.

Fancy more PvP? The expansion introduces organized league play with new multiplayer boards and prizes ranging from Papa Manchu pizza (the in-game currency of the realm) to treasure chests and special figures. Maybe you’ll even earn more grudging respect from Melvin, but don’t get your hopes up.


Card Hunter left me hungry for more when it debuted last year, so more content is welcome news — and don’t forget, it’s coming to mobile too. There’s no information on a hard release date or a price (if any, as the base game is free-to-play), but seeing as we’re already more than a week into the month, it won’t be a long wait.

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