Car Town Releases on Facebook. Will cars replace the farm on Facebook?

Cie Games has quietly released Car Town on Facebook. Hundreds of games launch on Facebook each week, but this game is different in that it does not involve a farm, a city, or sheep (no sheep yet, at least).

Rather, Car Town is all about collecting, customizing, and racing cars with friends.

In the words of Car Town’s Fan Page:

“Car Town takes car fun to a whole new level. Join your friends on a road trip or race your friends in a drag race. Customize your garage, personalize your avatars, and of course collect awesome cars!”


Pimping one’s ride is quite popular in the real world so it’s surprising to me a car-themed game has not yet been launched on social networks. It seems like a perfect fit for virtual items and Facebook. It is also interesting that the developer is Cie Games, creators of the popular underground hit multiplayer online racing game 1320 Legends.

As social gamers slowly yet surely lose interest in farming online, could cars and racing be the next big hit genre on Facebook?

We’re working on our first look preview as we speak. In the meantime, be first to check out Car Town (keeping in mind, it just released so it’s early) and set an alert to be notified for our updates for Car Town.

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