Captain America: Civil War invades Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2

It wouldn’t be much fun for a major Marvel movie to hit theaters and not see it reflected in the company’s video games. So Disney Interactive isn’t about to let that happen to Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2. The turn-based tactical RPG is getting a heavy dose of Captain America: Civil War in its latest update, including a cool bonus that will get players on different platforms to pick sides.

How, you ask? Player on iOS devices will get a free Civil War version of Iron Man, while Android owners will receive a free Civil War version of Captain America. See, that wasn’t hard at all. Sides picked!

Jokes aside, all players will have a chance to stand with the hero of their choice in a new, time-limited SpecOp. With two branching paths, people who support Iron Man can win Winter Soldier by finishing the SpecOp, and people who go the Captain America route can win Falcon.

(It must be noted, though, that both Winter Solider and Falcon are on Team Cap in the movie. Interesting.)

Here are some details for the new characters from Disney Interactive:

  • Winter Soldier (Civil War): As a Blaster, Winter Soldier uses a variety of weapons.  He’s tricky and acrobatic; while he doesn’t hide, he outsmarts his opponents with unexpected maneuvers like subtly switching hands on a weapon or approaching from an unexpected angle.
  • Falcon (Civil War): Falcon is a Scrapper for Team Captain America and a highly acrobatic character that uses a lot of aerial swoops and flips to attack his enemies.  Falcon also deploys his “pet” drone, Redwing, to give him additional edge in combat.
  • Captain America (Civil War): As a Bruiser class character, Civil War Captain America delivers greater damage to his enemies when his allies are hurt.
  • Iron Man (Civil War): Civil War Iron Man is a Tactician that has extra shielding for both himself and his allies.
  • Agent 13 (Civil War): Agent 13 is a reward hero for a new PVP tournament launching in the Captain America: Civil War timeframe. Agent 13 is a martial artist hacker, spy, and shooter. Being a Tactician many of her attacks disable the targets.

Disney is also touting more Captain America: Civil War characters and costumes on the way, no doubt after the movie has taken all the money from our wallets.

On the plus side, we won’t need any of that money anyway, since Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 is a free download from the App Store or Google Play. Make your decision now, but don’t stress out about it too much. I think the heroes will all kiss and make up when it’s over anyway.

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